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Coaching Package

The Coaching Meetings package provides advice and support for you every step of the way, from the choice of meeting typ, indicators, training users in real situations to daily monitoring of the software use and a final debriefing.

With Meetings*, your meetings become effective micro social networks. Meetings* reinforces the benefits of Web2.0 to help you and your business become an enterprise2.0.
However, the tool will not do all the work for you. That would be too easy. There is change management to be had to break down the silos and get over the initial common difficulty of passing a first draft of collaborative work. The main obstacle being the human factor and not necessarily technology and therefore why the Coaching Package might be a good fit when a little change management is also needed.

With operational and measurable objectives clearly identified, the Meetings* Coaching package provides quick results in the implementation of effective meetings, decisions and action plans of the company.
It draws on and reinforces the collaboration alive within the company including role playing to dive into different scenarios and thus allows users to lead by example.

This methodology uses a repository of tools gained from the long and rich history of Meetings*.

  • Exchanges on collaborative practice
  • The Pilot: What are effective meeting agendas? On what schedule? Which participants?
  • Setting operational and measurable objectives and indicators to measure
  • Meeting frameworks
  • Arbitrator Training & Meetings* Transfer of skills using operational role playing
  • 3 coaching sessions for continuous improvement
  • Metrics monitoring and follow-up
  • ROI and Return on Experience debriefing
  • Communication tools

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