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Change Management



Consulting Company that specializes in change management through coaching and mediation, with focus on relationship development, trust building and cooperation skills for the improvement of both personal and collaborative performance.   Consulting firm specializing in collaborative innovation (Collaborative Innovation).   Consulting firm specializing in information systems, organizational / logistical and strategic alignment.

Ecosystem and Innovation



OSEO is a public company that supports innovation and financing of French companies with high growth potential.
Oseo participates in the financing of Meetings* and supports its R&D.
  Cap Digital is an innovation hub of companies, research centers and venture capitalists surrounding digital content and services.
Meetings* is in the process of earning the label of “Innovative Company” from Cap Digital.
  Silicon Sentier is a combination of innovative companies in the field of new digital technologies with currently over 170 members.
Patrick was treasurer for SS and Meetings* continues to offer its support to SS.



Meetings* is a “Membre Croissance” of Syntec numérique.

  The IE-Club is the place where INNOVATIVE SMEs meet with other major players of the Innovation ecosystem    



Message Business is a SaaS solution for emailing.
Message Business was part of the same ecosystem of innovative Internet and Telecom Development Hub led by Paris Development.
Meetings* uses Message Business to deliver its newsletter.





The Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers educates over 5200 students including 1400 engineers year.
The school uses Meetings* to improve its working methods and develop synergies among its different stakeholders: School, Society of Engineers Arts and Crafts Association, Student Union, ARTS…

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The Ecole Centrale de Lille educates and trains high caliber generalist engineers that join the ranks of renowned companies every year.

témoignage étudiant


Since its inception in 1975, the IGS Group cultivates and develops expertise in linking employment and training throughout life.

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