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Meetings* hails from a deep web technology and workflow heritage that goes as far back as 1995 when the team first got together to work on a concept of task and meeting management via robust and transparent workflows and received the Technologia award for having worked with more than 80 large groups.

Subsequently, three different R&D projects were born including OpenCS and what is now know today as Meetings*

In 2009, Meetings* was purchased by Axessio, a change management consulting company, to complement their consulting services with an innovative collaborative web solution.

In 2010, the 3rd major iteration of Meetings* is released.

In 2011, myMeetingsOnDemand takes Meetings* under its fold to become the premier combined meeting, task management and workflow software today.

myMeetingsOnDemand is granted Young Innovative Business status.

The Team

Patrick Bedigis
ESC, 35 years of web and technology experience
CFO: 7 years in the international industry (Colas, GMP)
Director: 10 years IT and Media Industries
Worked in the software industry since 1995
Active in the Internet Innovation ecosystem in France and Paris (Silicon Sentier, Cap Digital, Systematic)
David Thibau
Ph.D. in computer engineering, 21 years of experience
Ministry of Research, Matra, Java & Internet Specialist
Has worked since 1996 as Technical Director with Patrick Bedigis
Expert Trainer
Carole Peroux
Chartered Accountant, 17 years of experience
Financial Director for large multinationals including: Sommer Allibert, Plastic Omnium, Materis
Financial Control in the Audiovisual sector

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