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Productive meetings before, during and after


“70% of the next steps decided on in meetings are late or don’t get properly tracked…”


Collaborative Agenda

Automated Meeting Minutes

Track next steps between meetings

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Mobile and tablet access


Secure SaaS

One-click start

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Clear workflow: committee, meeting, next steps

Comments and discussions recorded with the relative context

Full audit trail management

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The Process and Methods department of La Poste Enseigne uses MyMeetings.

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The professional syndicate for software vendors and technology consulting companies uses MyMeetings to pilot its bimonthly steering committee meetings.

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« MyMeetings allows us to keep track of over 200 different complex initiatives without fearing that we’ll forget anything or fall behind the curve, all without any stress… »

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Eliminate the “black holes” in between meetings

With MyMeetings and its capacity to collaborate online, everyone can see the progress of and give visibility on their respective next steps

Get to the point

With MyMeetings you already know which of the next steps have been completed before hand so you can spend more time on what’s critical.


Tap into the centrally stored meeting minutes, decisions and action tracking knowledge base at any moment via a one click keyword search.

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